Now it is official.  Iran is lying to the world about its nuclear facilities!

Iranian Vice-President Fereydoun Abbasi, who also heads Iran’s Atomic Energy Agency, told the London-based Arabic Al-Hayat daily that:  “At times we submitted false information in order to defend the nuclear facilities and our achievements.   We had no choice but to mislead the IAEA(International Atomic Energy Agency) and other spies.” 

Abbasi then went into greater details and described how Iran would tell inspectors that they had weaknesses which they did not really have in order to  “throw inspectors off the track; if Iran is not capable of certain more basic things, the thinking is that they could not be capable of more advanced activities.  And sometimes we pretend to have a strength that we do not have.”  

Abbasi said that he did not think the United States or Israel would dare attack Iran but that his country knows it must be prepared for stronger sanctions.   He claimed that Iran is the victim:  “For seven years we have been observing British Mi6 agents spying on us, and gathering information on individuals who were eventually killed by Zionist agents.”

Now that Iran, itself, admits that it is misleading the world regarding its nuclear ambitions, we must do our part to stop them from developing nuclear weapons.

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