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Mysterious explosions continue to rip through sensitive locations in the Islamic Republic, with the latest blaze erupting at a gas plant.

By Ezra Stone, United with Israel

On an almost daily basis, Iranian sites have been struck by explosions, fires, and so-called industrial accidents. The intensity and frequency of the blasts have left the Islamic Republic with no choice but to stop lying about their occurrence and causes, as it did during the first few incidents.

On Monday, a fire began in a tank at a “gas condensate plant” in the Razavi Khorasan Province in eastern Iran on Monday, according to a Jerusalem Post report citing Iranian media, which claimed firefighters contained the flames before a larger explosion occurred.

During previous explosions, authorities have attempted to minimize or deny the extent of damage until satellite photos or other evidence contradicted their statements.

According to Iranian media, property damage from the explosion was significant, but there were no casualties.

While Iran did not immediately point a finger at Israel on Monday, it has suggested the Jewish state is behind the previous blasts.

One of these blasts took out key infrastructure at the Natanz nuclear site, which is Iran’s primary uranium enrichment facility.

After the explosion, the Iranian government and media lied and said an “industrial shed” was affected.

An Iranian official eventually admitted “advanced centrifuge machines were intended to be built [at Natanz],” adding that the explosion caused a “delay” in plans.

The Natanz blast occurred several days after a huge blast that demolished a missile production site and tunnel system.

A power plant in Ahvaz was the site of the next explosion, which the Iranian government similarly tried to downplay.

Israel does not typically confirm nor deny its involvement in such incidents. Defense Minister Benny Gantz commented after the Natanz explosion, “Not every incident in Iran necessarily has something to do with us.”



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