Iran’s President Rouhani made it clear to the world that there will be no nuclear deal unless all sanctions against Iran are removed the same day the deal is signed.

In addition to the different versions of the nuclear deal framework presented by the United States and Iran over the past few days, Tehran is adding one more: The Islamic Republic will not sign off on a deal limiting its nuclear development capacity unless all sanctions against it are lifted on the same day the deal is signed.

In a speech Thursday monitored by Western news agencies, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani reiterated Iran’s position that there would be no deal “unless all sanctions are lifted on the same day… We want a win-win deal for all parties involved in the nuclear talks.”

Speaking in honor of Iran’s Nuclear Day, Rouhani said that Our goal in the talks is to preserve our nation’s nuclear rights. We want an outcome that will be in everyone’s benefit. The Iranian nation has been and will be the victor in the negotiations.”

In a speech last week, President Obama stressed that sanctions would not be lifted unless international inspectors were satisfied that Iran had indeed complied with requirements for inspection and the number of centrifuges it is allowed to have for nuclear development.

American officials have clearly indicated that the sanctions would not be lifted at once, but would be phased out over time.

The US-issued “fact sheet” on the Iran nuclear deal states that “All past UN Security Council resolutions on the Iran nuclear issue will be lifted simultaneous with the completion, by Iran, of nuclear-related actions addressing all key concerns.”

Iran’s version said that “all of the sanctions will be immediately removed after reaching a comprehensive agreement.”

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Source: Israel National News