Iron Beam air defense system. (Screenshot) Screenshot
iron beam

A major U.S. defense contractor announced on Monday it will work with the Israeli company that developed the Iron Beam system to create an American version.

By United with Israel Staff

On Monday, Israeli weapons developer Rafael inked a deal with Lockheed Martin to develop an American version of the Jewish state’s Iron Beam system, a high-powered laser interception system that downs incoming rockets.

According to Rafael CEO Yoav Har-Even, the Lockheed collaboration “serves as a clear example of Israeli-made capabilities leading to strategic cooperation which will greatly benefit both sides.”

The Iron Beam works together with Israel’s other anti-missile defense systems, including the Iron Dome.

While many people are familiar with the cutting-edge Iron Dome air defense system, which has prevented thousands of rockets from murdering innocent civilians, the Iron Beam is less well-known.

One Iron Dome interceptor missile costs around $50,000 to take out a Hamas Qassam rocket, which only cost $300-$800 apiece.

Iron Dome’s high cost led Israeli developers to work on a solution for that problem.

Israel’s new Iron Dome laser system can eliminate aerial threats with unprecedented accuracy at a fraction of the cost of the original Iron Dome system.

Iron Beam can intercept missiles, drones, mortars, and anti-tank rockets.

The system has been hailed as a game changer because the electricity only costs a few dollars and can down rockets that cost thousands.

With Iran-backed Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon sitting on an arsenal of 130,000 rockets and other projectiles, and Palestinian terrorists in Gaza with their own caches, systems such as the Iron Beam and Iron Dome are critical to the safety of Israeli civilians of all backgrounds, be they Jewish, Christian, Muslim, or Druze.

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