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ISIS directly threatens Jews as Israel remains vigilant and watchful of the terrorist threat at its borders. 

The Islamic State (IS or ISIS) terror organization has explicitly declared its intention to target Jews.

A tweet in English threatening to kill Jews appeared in a Twitter account affiliated with ISIS on December 21. The photo shows a masked ISIS terrorist pointing a knife, along with the caption: “We are coming to kill you, O Jews.”

ISIS has threatened in the past to target the West and Christendom and has made veiled threats against Israel and Jerusalem, but this direct threat against Jews may be a new development.

An Israel journalist recently interviewed ISIS terrorists who were taken captive by the Yazidis fighting them. He asked one of them what he would do if he encountered a Zionist. “We have to kill anyone who captures our lands. You [Israel] did it, so you deserve to die,” the terrorist responded.

ISIS featured Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the latest edition of its official English-language magazine, Dabiq.

In a section titled “In the Words of the Enemy,” the magazine quotes Netanyahu discussing ISIS in an interview he gave to CBS’s “Face the Nation” in October.

Asked if he views ISIS as a threat, Netanyahu responded: “Absolutely. I mean, ISIS has got to be defeated because it is doing what all these militant Islamists are trying to do. They all want to first dominate their part of the Middle East and then go on from there for their twisted idea of world domination.”

When asked if Israel will get more involved in the war against ISIS, Netanyahu answered: “We are ready to support and help in every way that we are asked to do.”

Praise for Sydney Terror

The ISIS magazine also praised Man Haron Monis, the Muslim who carried out a terror attack in Sydney, Australia, earlier this month in which two hostages were murdered. Monis was “a Muslim who resolved to join the mujahideen [fighters engaged in Jihad] of the Islamic State in their war against the crusader coalition,” Dabiq wrote.

Monis struck at the West, the enemy, “where it would hurt them most – in their own lands and on the very streets that they presumptively walk in safety,” Dabiq stated.

By: Aryeh Savir
Staff Writer, United with Israel

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