An airstrike on Kobane, Syria. (illustrative) (shutterstock) shutterstock


According to an Iraqi official, the convoy was transporting fuel to Lebanon. However, some vehicles were believed to be carrying missiles.


A convoy believed to be smuggling Iranian weapons crossed the border from Iraq when Israel launched airstrikes in eastern Syria, according to people familiar with the matter, The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday.

According to the people familiar with the matter and Iraqi militia members, the attack late Tuesday near Abu Kamal destroyed several vehicles and killed at least 10 people, including an unknown number of Iranians.

Abu Kamal is a Syrian border town frequently used as a transshipment point by militant groups with ties to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

According to an Iraqi official, the tanker convoy was transporting a legal fuel shipment from Iran to Lebanon. However, according to those familiar with the attack, at least some of the vehicles were believed to be carrying weapons and missiles.

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