Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) unveiled its TERRA dual-band radar system Sunday, which uses cutting-edge technology to improve early detection and accurate tracking of long-range targets.

Developed by IAI subsidiary Elta Systems Ltd., the TERRA system has the capacity to identify low-signature targets, ballistic missiles, and even satellites. It combines the ULTRA UHF band system, unveiled earlier this year, which provides early warning for oncoming threats, and the SPECTRA S-band very long-range search and tracking radar system.

TERRA’s unique capabilities allow for automatic handover and redundancy between the two systems, helping to classify targets and making it easier to determine and track their exact location, even in adverse weather conditions.

Measuring 1,615 square feet, TERRA is not only one of the most advanced radar systems in the world, it is also one of the biggest. The system, which costs hundreds of millions of dollars, has been tested by an undisclosed foreign military, but has not yet been used in Israel.

By: Israel Hayom/Exclusive to