Israeli and Bahraini Ministers of Health Nitzan Horowitz (L) and Faeqa Saeed Al-Saleh signing a health care agreement, March 9, 2022. (Ministry of Health via TPS) (Ministry of Health via TPS)

“The collaboration we are launching today is a net gain for the research and health services of the residents of both countries.”


Israel’s Minister of Health Nitzan Horowitz and Minister of Health of Bahrain Faeqa Saeed Al-Saleh signed an agreement for health care cooperation on Wednesday.

Horowitz is visiting the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain this week.

The agreement is a work plan dealing with epidemics and emergency management, education and research in the field of health, information sharing, digital health, medical innovation and genetic research.

The plan follows up on a previous health agreement signed in February.

Horowitz stated he is “proud to sign with Bahrain a health work plan and to promote closer ties with our friends in the Gulf. Until recently, it seemed like a distant dream and now we are making it a reality.”

“We have a lot to learn from each other, and the collaboration we are launching today is a net gain for the research and health services of the residents of both countries. This is the meaning and this is the tremendous power of peace and international cooperation. I thank Bahrain for the wonderful hospitality, we will continue to cultivate the important ties between the two peoples,” he declared.

Health Minister of Bahrain Al-Saleh congratulated Horowitz and his delegation “on this important visit. After a number of meetings we held online, the meeting in Bahrain allows us to strengthen the relationship between the countries, through collaborations in the fields of health and medicine.”

“We will strengthen ties through the adoption of training programs for students and medical staff, sharing knowledge and research, and the assistance of Israeli doctors in order to provide Bahrain residents with medical care in areas in short supply,” she added.

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