Palestinians hold a celebratory funeral for a terrorist. (Flash90) (Flash90)
Palestinian terrorist funeral

Until now, Israel has allowed funerals for terrorists to take place only after midnight and with limited friends and family members to ensure that the events do not turn into terror-support parades. Unfortunately, these funerals have turned into mass events that incite against Israel and call for more terror.

Israel’s Police decided on Wednesday to ban mass funerals and burials in Jerusalem for Palestinian terrorists killed during their attacks, but rather only in cemeteries that the police decide on, Israel’s Ynet news reported.

The decision came following the celebratory funerals of Alaa Abu Jamal and Jamal Hassan Manasra which took place on May 24. The two carried out separate attacks in October that left three Israelis dead.

Prior to the funerals, Israeli authorities stipulated that no more than 40 people be allowed to attend, and that the families deposit bonds to ensure compliance with their conditions.

Israel stipulated the requirements in order to ensure that the events do not turn into a terror-support parade.

However, a massive crowd gathered for Abu Jamal’s funeral, chanting anti-Israel and pro-terrorism slogans and clashing with police.

Gilad Erda

Minister Gilad Erdan. (Hadas Parush/Flash90)

Following the debacle, Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan ordered a freeze on returning the bodies of terrorists to their families until the incident could be investigated and new conditions be imposed to ensure funerals that would not contain incitement against Israel and support for terrorism.

According to the new decision, the police will decide on the location of the funeral, in order to ensure full control over the processions.

“We must not permit manifestations of incitement and terrorism on the streets of Jerusalem, and a family that cannot meet the conditions set by the police should not receive the body for burial,” Erdan said Wednesday, according to Ynet.

As a result of the police’s decision, attorney Mohammed Mahmoud has filed a petition with the High Court of Justice on behalf of two Palestinian terrorists’ families from Jerusalem whose bodies have yet to be returned.

By: United with Israel Staff

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