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The Holy Land was shaken by a series of tremors on Wednesday. No one was injured and there was no major damage.

By: United with Israel Staff

Israel’s north experienced a series of earthquakes on Wednesday, the most severe of which occurred at night at a 4.7 magnitude.

Earlier in the day, the area was shaken by a 4.0 magnitude tremor.

Several milder aftershocks were felt in between these two significant events on Thursday morning. The epicenter of the earthquake was in the Lower Galilee.

No injuries or damage were recorded.

The Geological Survey of Israel (GSI) reported that since early Wednesday morning several earthquakes occurred in the northern part of Lake Kinneret. On Monday, a 2.1 magnitude earthquake occurred in the same area.

A similar earthquake swarm affected the same area in 2013.

The GSI’s director Rivkah Amit warned that these seismological events may be a prelude to a more powerful and potentially devastating event.

Israel is situated on the East African Rift, which runs through the Jordan Valley, on the border with Jordan, an area prone to earthquakes.

The last major earthquake to hit the region occurred in 1927 — a 6.2-magnitude tremor that killed 500 people and injured another 700.

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