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Greek Health Minister: ‘My country, and I personally, stand by Israel’s side in efforts to free the abductees who have been held by Hamas since October 7.’

By Pesach Benson, TPS
Israel and Greece signed a five-year agreement to cooperate on various aspects of healthcare in Jerusalem on Monday.

Signed by Israeli Health Minister Uriel Bosso and his Greek counterpart, Adonis Georgiadis, the agreement covers a wide variety of health and medical issues including emergency preparedness, mental health, planning future hospitals and providing medical services, stem cell therapy and genetics, nursing and new technologies, public and private health insurance, communicable and non-communicable diseases, transplants and organ donations, medical cannabis, promoting food safety and more.

The agreement entails reciprocal visits by experts from Israel and Greece for certification, improvement, and consultations and includes the hosting of international conferences and events related to healthcare by both countries.

“Israel’s health system is making great progress and the expansion of cooperation between us is a very welcome and important thing for the future of the countries,” Georgiadis said.

“My country, and I personally, stand by Israel’s side in efforts to free the abductees who have been held by Hamas since October 7. It has been six months since the attack against Israel and I would like to wish all the families that they find their loved ones soon, safe and sound,” said Georgiadis, who is visiting Israel for the first time since October 7.

“The State of Israel is experiencing complex days after the attack against it on the seventh of October. Unfortunately, not everyone understands what Israel is facing and how it works to protect innocent lives. It is very important to help Israel maintain its image and we will be happy to help it in this,” he added.

The bilateral agreement will last five years and contains an option for an automatic five-year extension.

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