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Israel set an all-time record for producing renewable energy.


On Sunday, Israel set a new record for the production of renewable energy, the Israel Electrical Company announced.

The peak was set at 1610 MW, accounting for 27% of the nation’s total production.

The previous record for renewable energy production was set in March and stood at 1599MW.

Daily renewable energy production averages at 10.4%

The Israeli government has supported solar energy research since the establishment of the state, with the intention of harnessing science to help a country with few natural resources.

It has also approved laws and several government decisions aimed at encouraging the production of energy via renewable sources.

Israel has developed some of the world’s most advanced solar energy equipment and enjoys sunshine almost year-round.

It hopes to generate a higher percentage of its energy from renewable sources and is developing several projects to ensure this, including a 240 meter (787-foot) tall solar tower in the south which can generate up to 121 megawatts of power, providing about one percent of Israel’s electricity consumption.

Its renewable energy innovation has received global recognition, with innovative approaches to converting wind into electricity, technologies for clean water and other inventions that facilitate a more energy-efficient economy.

In January, the Ministries of Energy, Defense, and Finance and the Electricity Authority signed a framework agreement to allow hundreds of wind turbines to be built in the north of the country.