Illustration of an Arrow-3 missile interceptor. (Israel Aerospace Industries via JNS) (Israel Aerospace Industries via JNS)


Israel sells its Arrow 3 missile defense system to Germany in a deal valued at $3.5 billion.

By Ben Rappaport, United with Israel

The Israeli Defense Ministry and Germany on Thursday in Berlin signed a deal for Israel to provide its Arrow 3 missile defense system to Germany.

The sale is valued at $3.5 billion, making it Israel’s largest-ever defense deal.

The system is to be supplied to the Germans by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) by the fourth quarter of 2025.

The signing comes after the US in August approved Israel’s sale of the system to Germany.

Because the system, which is designed to intercept exo-atmospheric ballistic missiles, was jointly developed by Israel and the US, Israel needs US approval to sell it to a third party.

“80 years since World War II, Israel and Germany join hands in building a safer future for both nations,” Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant said during the signing ceremony, as reported in Israeli media.

“Today, through two simple signatures, we made history. Israel and Germany are true friends, sharing information and sensitive capabilities. We are proud to promote and strengthen the relations between the countries.”

Galant also discussed the expected expiration next month of a UN Security Council embargo on Iran’s import and export of missiles, warning, “The Iranian drones that kill innocent citizens around the world are just the promo for what we will see, if the missile embargo on Iran expires in a month.”

“Iran will have freedom of action to distribute advanced missiles, besides its race to obtain military nuclear weapons. In the face of Iranian aggression, the international community must take significant actions.”

Addressing whether the Arrow 3 system would be sold to other countries, he said that “It will only be sold to countries that meet certain standards according to the Israeli interest. There is potential for additional countries.”

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