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The International Electronic-Sports Federation (IESF) announced on Saturday that Israel will host the E-Sports World Championships in November 2020 at the Ice Mall in Eilat.

By Arye Green, TPS

Israeli representatives are currently attending the International Electronic-Sports Federation (IESF) championships, underway in Seoul, South Korea, to sign an agreement naming Eilat as the tournament’s host for next year.

The E-Sports World Championships is the world’s largest and most prestigious gaming event. The competition is expected to feature over 500 players from 60 countries and will be broadcasted live to millions of viewers worldwide.

The endeavor to bring the competition to Israel was a combined effort by the Prime Minister’s Office, the Israeli E-sports Association (IESA), the Maccabi World Union and the Municipality of Eilat.

Eilat was chosen as the host city for the event following the government’s decision last August to adopt a plan to develop the city through the promotion of winter tourism and the hosting of international events.

The Ice Mall Complex in Eilat was chosen to host the competition after it had previously hosted various international events such as the Giro D’Italia bike race, the World Cup in Artistic Gymnastics, International Ice Skating competitions and the annual Judo Festival.

Eilat, Israel’s most southern city, is a popular vacation destination for domestic and international tourism. The international competition is expected to further boost the city’s tourism by showcasing it to millions of spectators and fans from across the world.

Ido Brosh, Chairman of the IESA, said that the competition in Eilat would be positive both for Israel’s stance in the world of gaming and for the field of e-sports in Israel.

“This is a breakthrough that will promote Israel’s prestige in the global gaming arena, and I am convinced that it will be another step on the way to official recognition of e-sports in Israel,” he said.

Eli Lankry, Deputy Mayor of Eilat, said that the city is glad to host the competition, which will significantly promote Eilat’s tourism.

“We are delighted and proud to host the prestigious E-Sports World Championships in Eilat. I am certain it will strengthen Eilat’s status as a leading tourism and leisure destination and international sports city and will reveal its rare beauty to millions of people around the world. The hundreds of participants in the event will receive unforgettable hospitality,” he said.