Palestinian rock-throwing terrorists. (illustrative) (Shutterstock) (Shutterstock)
Palestinian rock-throwing terrorists. (illustrative) (Shutterstock)


An incident caught on camera shows a Palestinian in Hebron viciously attacking a 12-year-old Israeli boy at a city spring. The victim required 10 stitches, but regained consciousness as the IDF scoured the area in pursuit of the assailant.

An incident involving a Palestinian hurling a rock at an Israeli in Hebron Saturday left a 12-year-old boy unconscious after he was struck on the head during a visit to the city.

Footage captured on camera of the incident, which took place at Abraham’s Well spring in the city and which is being circulated on social media, showed several Jewish children sitting by the water when the Palestinian culprit suddenly dropped a heavy rock on the group before fleeing the scene.

After landing directly on the head of the victim, who was knocked out and fell into the water, his friends were forced to jump into the spring and drag him out before he was evacuated from the scene by paramedics to Jerusalem’s Hadassah Medical Center.

Described as being in light condition by a hospital spokesperson, the boy regained consciousness shortly after the attack and received ten stitches. Immediately after the attack, IDF soldiers and security personnel began scouring the area in pursuit of the “unidentified Palestinian” assailant.

According to one spokesman, the incident was “nothing less than terror.”

During the wave of terror that has swept across Israel in recent years, Hebron – home to a relatively small Jewish population – became a focal point of repeated terror attacks by Palestinian terrorists.

By: United with Israel Staff

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