Israel charity purchases field for  sole purpose of growing food for the poor; Israeli organizations have been instrumental in arranging matches between people with medical issues, including Downs Syndrome; 130 children come every day to Ezer Mizion’s day camp for special-needs children, and much more.


Israeli charity buys land to provide food for the needy

Charity Leket Israel has purchased a field near Binyamina for the sole purpose of growing food for the poor. Leket plans to grow some 500 tons of produce per year, to feed around 2,700 people daily.  Leket distributes 15,000 tons of unsold crops to the needy. 

Special marriages

Ezer Mizion and several other Israeli organizations have been instrumental in arranging matches between people with medical issues, including Downs Syndrome. And you don’t have to understand Hebrew to be moved by the associated video.

Summer camp for special needs kids

130 children come every day to Ezer Mizion’s day camp for special-needs children. They travel from the entire Southern region (Netivot, Ofakim, Sderot, Beesheva, and all the surrounding towns).  250 volunteers entertain the kids with activities from chocolate-making to dog-training.

Every guide dog has its day

A feature article on the Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind, located near Moshav Beit Oved in central Israel. It is the country’s only accredited guide dog training school. Read why the dogs have English names; why students adopt the dogs for a year, and why there are cats at the center.

Druze IDF chief medic is sworn in

I reported previously (Jul 2016) of the naming of Brig. Gen. Dr. Tarif Bader, a member of Israel’s Druze community, as the next IDF Chief Medical Officer.  Dr Bader has just taken up his new position.  In the video he describes his command of Israel’s rescue forces in Nepal.

Treated in Israel – a Syrian’s story

You’ve probably heard that Israel has treated thousands of Syrians wounded in their civil war. The video focuses on just one of them, and literally brings the situation to life. And more praise for Israel’s work with Syrians from US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Michael Ratney.,7340,L-5005897,00.html

Israeli innovation at European Parliament

Israeli “water from air” startup Water-Gen (see here) and cyber security specialist Cymmetria (see here) presented their innovative systems at the European Parliament’s ‘Innovation across borders’ conference. Since 1996, 3000+ Israeli projects have been approved by EU programs. 

Sharing water tech in Montana

A delegation of Israeli water experts met with Montana US State leaders to explain the leading Israeli technologies developed to address the global water shortage. The Israelis observed Montana’s varied water practices from irrigation to municipal consumption.

Helping African communities survive

Luba Mayekiso, the National Director of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem in South Africa, explains how Israeli innovation can revolutionize Africa. While other countries have exploited South Africa, Israel has established itself as a partner, rather than colonizer.

Food aid for South Sudan

Israel’s foreign aid agency and several Israeli humanitarian NGOs have distributed six tons of food supplies to villagers in a drought-stricken area of South Sudan.

Israel is first to help Sierra Leone

Just 24 hours after hearing the call for help, Israel sent supplies to provide nourishment for three days, after heavy flooding and a mudslide that buried houses on the outskirts of Sierra Leone’s capital, Freetown. IsraAID workers are now helping survivors They recovered bodies and are giving survivors food, clean water, sanitation, and psychological help. IsraAID has been in the country since the 2014 Ebola virus outbreak.

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