Angela Briana Alforque dressed up as Miss Israel. (Facebook) (Facebook)
5 year old girl in Philippines dresses as Miss Israel

An elementary school in Manila was chosen for an Israeli Embassy visit after a five-year-old Filipina dressed up as Miss Israel for United Nations Day.

By Tsivya Fox-Dobuler

Following the publication of a United With Israel article on October 30, 2019 about five-year-old Angela Briana Alforque dressing up as Miss Israel for a United Nations Day celebration at her elementary school in Manila, representatives from the Israeli Embassy and the Jewish Association of the Philippines visited the child and her school last week.

“Upon your posting about Angela, the Israeli Embassy saw the article and connected to me because the Jewish community wanted to reach the children and visit the school,” Belle Alforque, Angela’s aunt, told United With Israel. “A whole program was arranged to welcome the visitors.”

According to the Israel in the Philippines Facebook page, “fun and excitement filled Sta. Ana Elementary School as the Embassy of Israel and the Jewish Association of the Philippines reaches out to Manila!”

The post continued with adorable pictures of the event as well as a summary.

“Manila City Administrator Felix Espiritu spoke on behalf of Mayor Isko Moreno during the program. Sta. Ana Elementary School in Manila was specifically chosen because of Angela Briana Alforque, a five-year-old Filipina, who showed her love for Israel by dressing as Miss Israel during the United Nations Day celebration. She was inspired to dress as Miss Israel following the crowning of Israel’s Noy Ben Artzi as Miss Congeniality at the Miss Asia-Pacific International pageant in the Philippines on October 9,” the post read.

The visitors were greeted by students and staff waving Israeli and Philippine flags. “Everybody was so happy to meet each other,” Belle said.

The program included Angela singing the famous Israeli song “Jerusalem of Gold” with Israeli Ambassador Rafael Harpaz and Belle.

“I translated ‘Jerusalem of Gold’ into Filipino but the chorus was kept in Hebrew,” Belle told United With Israel. “Angela memorized the chorus in the Jewish language.”

The Israeli Embassy and Jewish Association of the Philippines distributed gifts to the excited students and donated books to the school.

Angela handed Harpaz a framed picture of the huge, Guinness Book of World Record-breaking Israeli and Philippine flags that were spread across the desert near the Dead Sea in Masada, Israel in 2007, commemorating 50 years of diplomacy. Belle, who made the gift, included the date that Angela dressed as “Miss Israel” and the phrase from Isaiah 52:4:

“Nevermore shall you be called ‘Forsaken,’ Nor shall your land be called ‘Desolate’; But you shall be called ‘I delight in her,’ And your land ‘Espoused.’ For Hashem takes delight in you, And your land shall be espoused.”

“We are educating our children to support Israel in being a nation that pursues peace and welfare for all people,” Belle told United With Israel. “God bless Israel and keep her safe always.”

The visit was broadcast by the Eagle News Service and was placed on the Eagle Broadcasting Corporation’s YouTube Channel.

Phil News Agency tweeted, “LOOK: The Israeli community in the Philippines visits Sta. Ana Elementary School in Manila to donate books and give gifts to school children on Nov. 27.”

Israel’s Ambassador Rafael Harpaz greets Angela Briana Alforque.

Deputy Chief of Mission Yulia Rachinksy-Spivakov with Angela Briana Alforque

Filipino children from Sta.Ana Elementary School in Manila greet the Israeli Embassy and Jewish Community visitors.

Israeli Ambassador Rafael Harpaz touched by framed gift of Israeli and Philippine flags in the Dead Sea, Masada area.

Welcome sign from the event.

Sta.Ana Elementary School children grateful for their gifts.

Little “Miss Israel” Angela Briana Alforque with her aunt, Belle Alforque

Students at the Sta. Ana Elementary School in Manila

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