Toxic foam on the Yamuna River. (AP/Tsering Topgyal) (AP/Tsering Topgyal)
Yamuna River

For out of Zion shall come forth…purified water! Another Israeli company is working to make the world a better place.

The New Delhi government has tasked an Israeli firm with cleaning up a major drainage stretch linked to the Yamuna River, Russia’s Sputnik News reported over the weekend.

The Yamuna River is considered one of the most polluted in India, with almost the entire household and industrial spills of the city being dumped into it.

Ayala Water and Ecology Ltd., based in Moshav Zippori in the Galilee, is famous for its water-purifying and desalinization technology. The firm will come up with a detailed plan to clean up the eight-kilometer Bhalswa-to-Surghat stretch of the supplementary drain, which empties into the already highly polluted Yamuna River.

“The report will be prepared in the next four months. We have chosen the supplementary drain to begin with and plan to expand the project further. It can be considered a big step as the drain has a capacity of 180 million liters per day,” said Kapil Mishra, Delhi’s water minister.

The company has expertise in phytoremediation, an advanced technology that uses shrubs to remove and destroy contaminants in soil and water, and in ‘constructed wetlands.’ It is also a natural method to cleanse water.

The Israeli firm is already working on projects in other Indian cities, including Hyderabad and Chennai, offering Israeli technology to help address water and ecological challenges.

“As we celebrate 25 years of a growing partnership, we are glad to offer Israeli technology integrated in government initiatives for the benefit of the Indian citizen. This is another example of the multifaceted partnership between India and Israel,” said Daniel Carmon, Israeli Ambassador to India.

Using Nature to Cure Nature

This Israeli firm operates with a simple goal: “Use natural, energy-free tools to restore balance to the environment.”

With sustainable solutions implemented in countries all over the world — including Chile, the United States, France, Germany and India — Ayala Aqua is doing just that.

Ayala founder and CEO Eli Cohen told ISRAEL21C that the method is called “active landscaping.”

“You can treat your own sewage in the park or garden and use the purified water to irrigate,” he explains. “You can produce high-quality water from nature if you create the right environment of plants, gravel and soil, and special natural additives for specific problems such as heavy metals and radioactive elements. If you do it in a natural way, it can last forever.”

By: United with Israel Staff


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