Doron Markel, Chief Scientist of JNF-KKL, addressed Cuba conference. (Facebook) (Facebook)
Doron Markel, Chief Scientist of JNF-KKL

For the first time, Israel’s advances in forestation and water preservation were presented in Cuba.

By United With Israel Staff

A group of Israeli scientists presented at the “Cubambiente 2019” conference, held in Havana last week, The Jerusalem Post and Spanish-language Aurora news reported.

The honor is particularly noteworthy as Cuba does not maintain official diplomatic relations with Israel.

The conference was organized by the Environment Agency and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment of the Cuban government, with the participation of organizations from all over the world, including Keren Kayemet L’Israel-Jewish National Fund (KKL-JNF).

About 1,400 participants from 30 countries attended the event.

The goal of the conference was to address crucial environmental issues, including climate change, and promote cooperation among the participating countries. Dr. Doron Markel, senior scientist for KKL-JNF, presented tools to mitigate the effects of climate change in Israel and the Middle East.

“The effects of climate change can be seen from the Middle East, with dry winters and hot summers. In Israel, adaptation to the changing climate is taking place on the ground to fight against the expansion of desertification,” Markel said, according to the news sites.

Israel has faced years of drought that has depleted the Sea of Galilee, the country’s only natural source for fresh water. Through Israeli innovation, intense water management and desalination, Israel has become known around the world for successfully overcoming severe water shortages through desalination and other methods.

Markel continued, “The water issue requires strategic plans to transfer desalinated water to isolated areas in the region. Water scarcity is a growing problem in the Middle East, and helping our neighbors can create a better and safer future for all.”

KKL-JNF President Hernan Felman said that the Jewish National Fund has developed the Land of Israel for more than 118 years, ensuring a sustainable future.

“Since the establishment of our organization, we have led countless forestry projects, which have transformed a desolate land into a green and flourishing country with more than 240 million trees,” he said.

Felmán added that KKL-JNF is increasing environmental consciousness in Israel by focusing on six areas of action: water, afforestation, education, community development, tourism, and research.

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