The Israeli company Applied Clean Tech Ltd. has signed an agreement with entrepreneurs in Slovenia and Croatia to assist them with treating waste water in an ecologically friendly manner. Presently, both countries are lacking green waste water treatment technology, but Applied Clean Tech Ltd. is set to change this. The Israeli assistance is expected to lead to lessening the load of regional waste water in Croatia and Slovenia by 35 percent.

This environmentally friendly Israeli technology developed by Applied Clean Tech Ltd. seeks to transform waste-water into usable materials such as plastic or paper. The technology is applied in an automatic treatment facility which recycles raw sewage and efficiently transforms it into usable products. At the conclusion of the process, the sewage solids are recycled into a clean and environmentally-friendly raw material with high energy potential, establishing the treatment facility as manufacturer of extra green energy.

Applied Clean Tech Ltd.’s environmentally friendly innovation was designed to solve the problems of sewage treatment and is the only one of its kind worldwide. Presently, a tremendous amount of waste produced by the human population throughout the world is carted away in trash cans to be disposed of at land mills or is disposed of via the sewers to waste water treatment facilities. Raw sewage entering the treatment facility contains oils and toxic compounds that are horrendous for the environment and causes immense pollution. Today, sludge is a major environmental problem in the world.

Thus, Applied Clean Tech Ltd. is helping to rid the world of detrimental wastes and yet at the same time is producing something that people can use out of it. Applied Clean Tech CEO Dr. Raphael Aharon stated, “The revolution is in recognizing solids incineration as a resource and basis for a raw material, which can be sold back to industry to widen the recycling circuit. Currently, the company is in advanced negotiations with additional countries to establish more projects of this kind.”

According to the World Wildlife Fund, Israel is ranked number two in the entire planet for establishing green technologies. Only Denmark is ahead of Israel in this regard. The United States comes in fifth on the list. Much of Israel’s environmental achievements are in the field of water conservation, with Israel developing special techniques such as drip irrigation that significantly help farmers who live in arid climates to save water. Israel has also received top marks in the field of environmental research, especially in regards to the study of solar and other alternative energy methods. In the private sector, however, Applied Clean Tech Ltd. is leading the way towards developing an innovation solution to sludge problems.

By Rachel Avraham

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