Israel's hand gesture for "wait a minute" is now an available emoji (Twitter) (Twitter)


The “pinched fingers” image, often used in Israel to tell people to “wait a minute,” has been added as a new emoji symbol.

By United with Israel Staff

In a rush? A new emoji of “pinched fingers” was approved for 2020, a symbol commonly used in Israel to tell people to “wait a minute.” The Unicode Consortium, a non-profit that creates characters and symbols that allow people to digitally communicate with the use of images, announced the inclusion last week.

Though the image, called the “Italian Hand Gesture,” is used in Italy to mean, “What the heck do you want?” or “What the heck are you saying?” in Israel, it means, “wait a minute,” “patience,” or “take a break and let me speak.”

The pinched finger symbol is available in various skin tones, as are many emojis. It is one of 117 newly approved icons and can be found under the keywords “interrogation” and “sarcastic.”

Other approved emojis include both a female and a male feeding a baby a bottle, two people hugging, a pair of lungs, an army helmet, and a boomerang, to name a few.

The original designs are created by Emojipedia. However, the images might be somewhat altered once available on various platforms in the second half of 2020.