Rockets are fired from Gaza towards Israel, in Gaza City on May 3, 2023. Photo by Atia Mohammed/Flash90 Atia Mohammed/Flash90


There are no longer any requirements for Israelis to remain close to bomb shelters following recent rocket barrages fired by Gaza terrorists into Israel.


Following a situational assessment, Israel’s Home Front Command lifted the final restrictions on communities living near the Gaza border.

There are no longer any requirements for Israelis to remain close to bomb shelters, nor are there any restrictions on crowd sizes as an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire held through the night.

Roads immediately adjacent to the Gaza border reopened after being closed for fears of Palestinians firing anti-tank missiles.

Train service between the cities of Sderot, Ashkelon and the Negev town of Netivot was due to resume at 12:30 PM pending approval from security officials.

The Erez and Kerem Shalom border crossings between Israel and Gaza reopened on Sunday.

Erez, the only crossing point for pedestrian traffic, is primarily used by international personnel such as diplomats, aid workers, journalists and also Palestinians with permits to leave Gaza, such as for work, business or for medical treatment. The Kerem Shalom Crossing, located at the convergence of the Gaza, Israeli and Egyptian borders, is used by all trucks delivering goods from both Israel and Egypt to the Strip.

During five days of fighting, Palestinian Islamic Jihad fired more than 1,469 rockets at Israel. According to the Israel Defense Forces, most landed harmlessly in open areas, but 439 were intercepted by the Iron Dome or David’s Sling defense systems.

Two people on the Israeli side were killed in the rocket barrages. One was identified as 80-year-old Inga Avramyan, who was helping her wheelchair-bound husband, Sergey, reach a shelter when a rocket struck their apartment building in Rehovot. Sergey is hospitalized.

The second fatality was a 35-year-old Palestinian laborer from Gaza who was doing construction work at Moshav Shokeda, in the Negev. The construction work was in violation of Home Front Command instructions, as the building did not have a reinforced safe room and authorities are investigating.

At least 69 Israelis were injured in the attacks.

The strikes on the Islamic Jihad leaders come against the backdrop of a rocket barrage fired by the terror group following the death of Khader Adnan on May 2. The imprisoned Adnan, a senior Islamic Jihad figure, died after an 86-day hunger strike. The terror group had threatened throughout Adnan’s hunger strike that it would hold Israel responsible for its member’s death.

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