PM Benjamin Netanyahu meets with President Barack Obama in the Oval office. (AP/Charles Dharapak) (AP/Charles Dharapak)
Obama Netanyahu


At least one official in Israel so far has apparently supported the rumor that the White House did indeed make a serious effort to have Prime Minister Netanyahu voted out of office.

A “senior official” in Jerusalem said that US President Barack Obama is taking revenge on Israel and was actively involved in trying to oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during the elections in March.

This report follows previous reports that the Obama administration was seriously interfering in Israel’s democratic elections.

Seemingly motivated by revenge for Netanyahu’s address to Congress on the Iranian nuclear threat against Obama’s wishes and attempting to shift the focus from the Iranian threat to the Palestinian issue, as well as out of frustration over Netanyahu’s renewed premiership, the White House has basically declared war on Israel.

The official criticized the White House for its approach towards Israel and accused the Obama administration of misunderstanding the reality in Israel and the Middle East, saying that their policy “doesn’t make any sense.”

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