Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman. (Photo: Yossi Zamir/Flash 90) Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman. (Photo: Yossi Zamir/Flash 90)

As a result of the Jerusalem car-ramming terror attack on Purim Day, Israeli politicians call for tougher punishments for Palestinian terrorists including the death penalty.

Jerusalem Terror Attack

Photo: Tazpit

A number of Israeli officials responded to the Arab terrorist attack outside a Border Patrol base in Jerusalem on Friday morning, in which a terrorist ran over five people with his car before being shot and seriously wounded.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat stated “we won’t let terror disrupt the daily routine of our lives, and we will continue to fight it without compromise. I want to praise the alert security forces, municipality guards, officers and citizens that brought a quick end of the event and prevented additional attacks.”

Naftali Bennett

Minister Naftali Bennett. (Photo: Tomer Neuberg/Flash90)

Economy Minister Naftali Bennett, who holds the post of minister of Jerusalem affairs, said “this morning’s attack proves that talk of giving up territory of the land of Israel gives a tailwind to terror.”

Eli Yishai, chairman of the Yachad – Ha’am Itanu party, called for a return of deterrence, saying “the rock attacks on the light right that occur daily and the car attack this morning obligate us to change the approach. It was again proven that you deal with terror with an iron hand. Residents of the whole state of Israel and particularly Jerusalem won’t make do with concrete barricades.”

“There’s no difference between a car attack, to throwing rocks or Molotov cocktails, the goal of them all is to bring about the murder of Jews. We must negate the citizenship of the different attackers,” called Yishai.

INN reported Foreign Minister Liberman saying the attack constitutes “additional proof that only when the terrorists know that every attack means the death penalty and there’s no chance that in the end they will be released in one deal or another – only then will it be possible to seriously lower the amount of attacks.”

Although Israeli law includes the death penalty, it has only been acted on once in the case of genocidal Nazi leader Adolf Eichmann.

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