Terrorists (Nasser Ishtayeh/Flash90) Nasser Ishtayeh/Flash90
Palestinian terrorists

Shin Bet says it uncovered terror cell based in Judea and Samaria and operated by terrorists in Gaza which planned to carry out severe attacks against Israelis.

By United with Israel

The Shin Bet Israeli security agency on Tuesday revealed that it had uncovered a terror cell based in Judea and Samaria and overseen by terrorists from Gaza.

The cell had been operating for several weeks with the goal of carrying out severe terror attacks on Israelis and had planned a shooting attack in Jerusalem in coming days, according to reports in Israeli media.

The Shin Bet identified the leaders of the cell as Iman Youssef Khalil Zakot and Zabri Mohammad Zabri Aram, both from Rafah in the Gaza Strip and members of the Hamas-affiliated “Resistance Committees” terror group.

The two had worked to recruit young Palestinians from the Judea and Samaria area, providing the recruits with training and instructions on carrying out attacks against Israelis.They also worked to transfer weapons to the cell.

Recently, two Palestinians suspected of working for the cell were arrested. During the interrogation of the two, the Shin Bet discovered they had received instructions from the cell to carry out a “significant shooting attack” in Jerusalem in the coming days.The weapon intended for use in the attack was confiscated.

Last month, two other Palestinians were arrested on suspicion of being recruited by the cell to carry out a bombing attack on Israelis. While being interrogated, the two revealed they had received instructions to carry out various operations. A weapon intended for terror attacks against Israelis was also confiscated.

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