HomeBiogas executives accepting the Circular Economy award in Munich. (World Sustainability Awards via Israel21c) World Sustainability Awards via Israel21c)

Israeli technology that turns organic waste into biogas and fertilizer is lauded as an “astonishing innovation, which opens up a new era of possibilities.”

By Abigail Klein Leichman, Israel21c

Israeli company HomeBiogas won a World Sustainability Award in the field of Circular Economy at the award ceremony in Munich last week.

The ceremony was the finale of the World Sustainability Congress, bringing together chief procurement officers from around the globe.

“HomeBiogas impressed the judges with its digester systems which provide a cost-effective way for people to turn organic waste into biogas for cooking and natural fertilizer – tackling climate change by reducing methane emissions and providing clean energy for people in need,” noted the judges, who included representatives from Colgate Palmolive, Pepsico, Flex, Anheuser-Busch InBev and AT&T.

Each HomeBiogas system offsets 6 tons of carbon dioxide per year, the equivalent of one vehicle’s annual emissions.

One judge described this Israeli technology as an “astonishing innovation, which opens up a new era of possibilities for the under-developed world but also the developed one, through home family autonomy in energy.”

“We’re proud to be recipients of the World Sustainability Award as leaders in the Circular Economy,” said Oshik Efrati, CEO of HomeBiogas. “The driving force behind HomeBiogas is to disrupt the world of waste with on-site sustainable solutions. Waste is a valuable resource and we are working hard to make it matter.”

HomeBiogas, which is based in Beit Yanai, near Netanya, also has been shortlisted for the prestigious FT/IFC Transformational Business Awards 2022, to be announced October 25.

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