Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas. (AP/Richard Drew) (AP/Richard Drew)
Mahmoud Abbas

Reports circulated that a Palestinian UN resolution blasting Trump’s Mideast peace plan had been withdrawn under heavy diplomatic pressure.

By The Alegemeiner

A top Palestinian official on Monday denied that a draft UN Security Council resolution rejecting President Donald Trump’s recently-unveiled peace plan had been withdrawn following heavy diplomatic pressure from the US and Israel.

AFP reported that the draft had been pulled due to a lack of international support for it, but chief Palestinian Authority (PA) negotiator Saeb Erekat claimed that it was still under consideration.

Israeli UN Ambassador Danny Danon hailed the apparent withdrawal of the resolution on Monday, stating, “Our line was clear — not condemnation against Israel but only negotiations will promote a peace process. I thank the countries that helped to stop Abbas’ unnecessary action.”

Erekat commented, hwoever, that “the reports of the withdrawal of the resolution are completely baseless.”

Erekat asserted, “The draft proposal has been submitted and is still under consideration. When the consultations are over, we will create a final version, and then it will be put to a vote.”

Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot said it had been told by Palestinian sources that the decision to withdraw the resolution was due to the pressure brought to bear on PA President Mahmoud Abbas.

Whatever the fate of the resolution itself, the Security Council will consider the Trump peace plan on Tuesday, with Abbas set to address the body, a forum he has often exploited to slam Israel.

This time, Yediot reported, he will present the member states with a document claiming multiple violations of international law in the Trump initiative.

Abbas is also expected to lay out his own peace plan to the Security Council.

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