Police rescued a 21-year-old woman who was bound by two Palestinian Arabs in the PA-administered territories.

A 21-year-old Jewish Israeli woman was found tied up in an empty building in the Arab town of Beit Jala in the Bethlehem district on Monday evening.

The police emergency hotline received a call – on the same evening that the murder of three kidnapped boys was announced – from the woman, claiming she had been abducted at a gas station near Betar Illit, where she was working. Police and IDF forces mounted an immediate search and succeeded in rescuing her.

The woman is being questioned regarding her claim that she was abducted.

Chief Inspector Micky Rosenfeld, foreign press spokesman for the Israel Police, told United with Israel that while “it’s true that they found her tied up in an empty building in Beit Jala in the Bethlehem area,” police are “not sure her story about being kidnapped is 100 percent accurate. The question is how she got into the car with two Palestinians in the first place.”

It is suspected that she may have known them, and the investigation is focusing on whether or not this criminal act was in fact terrorism with a nationalistic motive, Rosenfeld explained.

Author: Atara Beck
Senior Writer/Editor, United with Israel