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Israeli and Palestinian protesters joined together on Tuesday to prevent the construction of a waste disposal facility between the Israeli community of Rimonim and the Palestinian village of Ramun in Samaria and Palestinian security forces reportedly fired live rounds above the heads of the protesters.

Construction vehicles belonging to the Palestinian Authority (PA) arrived at the Rimonim junction on Tuesday morning to begin the construction of the facility only to be fended off by Israelis and Palestinians protesting what they described as a dangerous, polluting facility.

“The landfill will contaminate the Makuh River, which is an official nature reserve, and the water wells in Mevo’ot Yericho,” a Green Now activist told Tazpit Press Service. “The construction will cause environmental damage and damage to the water, to the unique caves in the area, and to the unique irises that grow there.”

Green Now says that the waste disposal facility is being built by the PA and financed by the German government through the KfW Development Bank. The project was approved by the Israeli Civil Administration in Judea and Samaria.

Green Now is an Israeli environmentalist organization dedicated to nature preservation in Judea and Samaria. A lawyer with the organization filed a petition with the Israeli Supreme Court that has stalled the work until August 21.

“The lawsuit has prevented construction of the facility from continuing as long as legal proceedings are ongoing,” Green Now attorney Tomer Israel stated. “There is no doubt that digging at the site and bringing in heavy engineering vehicles goes against that. We will therefore be filing a cease-and-desist order against the construction.”

Mr. Israel reported that the PA called in its security forces to facilitate the construction and that they had fired rounds above the heads of the protesters in an effort to deter them.

“The PA used live fire against the Palestinian landowners who also protested these works,” Mr. Israel said.

No one was injured in the incident, and the construction has ceased for now.

The Civil Administration and the IDF Spokesman’s Unit said that the entire incident is under investigation.

By: Michael Zeff/TPS