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The Airports Authority stated Sunday that “innovation is a key factor in enriching the passenger’s experience.”


At the beginning of 2023, Ben Gurion Airport, Israel’s main airport, will become digital and the Airports Authority will launch new and advanced self-use stations to serve passengers, with scales for weighing luggage, paying for excess weight immediately, and printing the tag and stickers for the suitcase (“Bag Tag”) to allow the suitcase to be sent independently to the plane.

The Bag Tag will be scanned near the independent delivery conveyors, and after scanning the code, the bag will be sent directly to the belly of the plane.

The Airports Authority stated Sunday that “innovation is a key factor in enriching the passenger’s experience.”

Currently, the border control procedure in Israel is completely automated and allows more than 90% of passengers to pass through with a passport scan and direct passage to the duty-free area.

Today, over 50% of the passengers flying abroad prefer to check in online. The new technologies will make it possible to provide passengers with a varied and expanded independent service.

With the addition of the touch and play stations, passengers flying abroad will go through security only after completing the check-in flight registration procedure, online flight registration from home, or flight registration at the independent kiosks that will be installed in the departure hall.

Most of the processes of leaving the country will be carried out online and by digital means, maximizing comfort and accessibility for passengers.

Since the beginning of the year, approximately 10 million passengers have passed through Israel on international flights. In the month of August, over 2.3 million passengers will pass through Ben Gurion Airport on international flights.

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