A terrorist attacks Israeli forces. (Flash90) (Flash90)
Palestinian terrorism

Last October saw the greatest number of terrorist attacks in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria of any other month over the last nine years, the Shin Bet, Israel’s domestic intelligence agency, announced on Monday.

According to the Shin Bet figures, some 602 terrorist attacks were committed in October, more than in the months around the last three Israeli Defense Forces operations in the Gaza Strip against Hamas: Protective Edge, Pillar of Defense and Cast Lead, according to Channel 10 news.

At the same time, the number of Israeli casualties has also been higher than in previous years: 11 Israelis were killed in Palestinian terrorist attacks in October, as opposed to five people in all of 2013.

Also, more Israelis – civilian and security personnel – were wounded in October than in entire previous years: 80 individuals suffered moderate or serious injuries in terrorist attacks throughout October of this year, while the number was 63 in 2014, and 42 in 2013.

The report noted that this represented the most serious month, in casualties from terrorist attacks against Israelis, since the building of the so-called security barrier.

Most of the attacks against Israelis since the start of the latest wave of violence that began during the Jewish high holidays have been committed by individuals ostensibly acting on their own. Most of the attacks have been concentrated in the Jerusalem area, Judea and Samaria, but major cities in Israel have also faced such lone-wolf attacks.

By: The Algemeiner

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