Detective Joseph Seals (ODMP) (ODMP)
Detective Joseph Seals (ODMP)

In appreciation of law enforcement officials and Detective Joseph Seals, who made the ultimate sacrifice for the Jewish community, a fund was set up.

By United with Israel Staff

Following the tragic shooting in Jersey City on Tuesday, prominent Jewish community activists Chaskel Bennett, Leon Goldenberg and Moshe Wulliger, in partnership with Yeshiva World News (YWN) established a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the family of slain Detective Joseph Seals and the law enforcement officials. An impressive sum was donated in just 12 hours.

“As we mourn the tragic deaths in our own community, we also are deeply pained by the tragic loss of Detective Seals and mourn his senseless loss,” says the fundraising campaign page. “No community more than the Orthodox Jewish community appreciates the incredible sacrifices our law enforcement heroes make on behalf of all citizens every day.”

Seals, 40, was the first victim killed in the shooting attack that ended in a kosher supermarket, with a total of six dead, two of whom were the criminals.

The veteran detective was killed when working undercover in a nearby cemetery before the perpetrators drove a stolen U-Haul to the supermarket. They left the van shooting wildly at the store. They then stormed the Jewish grocery with rifles, killing three people inside, two Orthodox Jews, Leah Minda Ferencz, 33, and Moshe Deutsch, 24, and a non-Jewish worker, Miguel Douglas, also known as Douglas Rodriguez.

The charity campaign was set up on the crowdfunding platform The Chesed Fund with the goal of raising $25,000 for Seals’ family and law enforcement officials. At the time of this writing, the fund raised a whopping $43,190 within 12 hours.

Thousands attended the funerals of the victims. The campaign seeks to do good in the face of tragedy.

“Join us in as we turn our heartfelt grief into something more meaningful and donate to this special fund set up for Detective Seals’s family. He made the ultimate sacrifice. Let us come together and donate generously in his memory,” notes the fund’s donate page.

Seals had been in law enforcement for 18 years. The married father of five was devoted to removing illegal fire arms from the streets.

“May God bless our law enforcement professionals and may he bless Detective Seals memory. #RIP,” ends the campaign page.

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