: A new Jihad comic strip – far from funny – blames Jews, apparently in the United States, for child-trafficking.

It was translated and reported by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

Last week, the second part of a jihadi comic strip on a jihad forum, Shumoukh Al-Islam, was entitled “The Fleeing Enemy” and depicts the journey of a non-Muslim enemy soldier into Islam. The jihadi view of children was illustrated in the first comic strip, which appeared last October and showed a child using a booby-trapped toy car to destroy an enemy’s military vehicle.

The beginning of the new comic strip shows children growing up in “misery” and on land “near the Statue of Liberty” and under the power of a man named “Cohen.” He and his friend raise the children and then sell them to be trained as soldiers.

The opening panel states, “In the devil’s land and on the shore of darkness near the Statue of Liberty, people live a sinful life until a new generation arrives with no roof over its head, unfamiliar with its mother or father, or the way it came to be.”

A man termed as the “bad guy” says, “We raise the boys and sell them to soldiers’ camps and will raise the girls until they grow old and then get rid of them on the beach.”

Cohen, obviously a Jew, boasts that the girls “will suffer from hunger and be forced to [commit] suicide. Let them bring us new children.” He concludes with laughter.

The story then follows one of the soldiers who reached a Muslim land and ends up converting to Islam. One Muslim boy says, “My dad was martyred. …also, my brother was raised on jihad.”

A narration from a radio announces “continuous bombardment and hostile shelling of innocents and calls for Muslims to help.”

The Jihad soldier, of course, comes to the rescue and proudly claims, “Today I became a real human being, having dignity and true freedom.”

Source: IsraelNationalNews

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