Disney PSA

The Disney Channel must reverse its replacement of the word 'Jerusalem' with 'Holy Land' in a Passover production, which denies the Jewish People's yearning to return to their eternal capital for 2,000 years.

Holocaust survivor

Hebrew University researchers find significantly higher rates of mortality due to heart disease and cancer among Holocaust survivors. Courtesy Israel Government Press Office The damaging effects of life under Nazi rule have long been known, with many victims having experienced periods of protracted emotional and physical torture, malnutrition and mass exposure to disease. But recent... Read more »

Yom Hashoah

As we mark yet another year that has passed since the liberation of the camps, the question is often asked: If the murdered could have one request fulfilled, what would it be?

Yom Hashoah Dubai

Who could have imagined just a year ago that Yom Hashoah, one of the saddest days on the Jewish calendar, would be observed in Dubai? By United with Israel Staff United with Israel witnessed a historic tribute to the six million Jewish victims of Holocaust. It was the first time ever that a Yom Hashoah... Read more »