Anti-Israel activist Linda Sarsour. (Screenshot) Screenshot
Anti-Israel activist Linda Sarsour. (Screenshot)

American political activist Linda Sarsour continues to distort history, taking every opportunity to smear the Jewish state.

Linda Sarsour, a pro-Palestinian political activist who supports Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, is urging party voters to cast their ballots for the socialist candidate, who this week made headlines by announcing his boycott of next week’s bipartisan AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) annual conference.

Sarsour, who identifies as a “Palestinian-American-Muslim organizer,” was a co-chair of the worldwide anti-Trump Women’s March, held the day after the inauguration of US President Donald Trump. Although the march was ostensibly in support of women’s rights and dignity, the anti-Israel activist took the opportunity to slam the State of Israel by claiming to be marching for the Palestinian people. “Most of all, I am my Palestinian grandmother who lives in ‘occupied territories,’ [her] wildest dream! Justice for all,” she said.

This past September, Sarsour, along with co-chairs Bob Bland and Tamika Mallory, stepped down due to allegations of anti-Semitism and their close relationship with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

In a speech in late November at the American Muslims for Palestine conference in Chicago, Sarsour said, “Israel was built on the idea that Jews are supreme to everybody else…. How can you be against white supremacy in the United States of America and the idea of living in a supremacist state based on race and class, but then you support a state like Israel that is built on supremacy?”

Sanders, a Jew, has suggested that a portion of US military aid to Israel go to the Gaza Strip, which is ruled by the Hamas terror group, for humanitarian purposes.

The Strip has been controlled by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas since 2007, when it overthrew the Palestinian Authority. Israel has permitted international humanitarian aid transfers to the Gaza Strip, including from Arab countries such as Qatar.

Sanders has called Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a “racist.” He also has the endorsement of pro-BDS Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.

On Sunday, in her latest attack on the Jewish state, Sarsour took to social media to repost, on Twitter and Facebook, a photo of a 92-year-old Arab woman in Michigan – originally posted by her grandson, Adam Abusalah – casting an early vote for Sanders.

Sarsour’s post distorts history, claiming that the nonagenarian was born in a “free Palestine.” In fact, in 1928 the Land of Israel and Jordan were under the British Mandate; before 1920, the area was under Ottoman rule. There was never a “free Palestine.”

Sarsour wrote:

“This is Bahia, she’s 92 years young, born in a free Palestine and raised in a military occupied Palestine.

“She’s also a Michigander and is casting her early vote for Bernie Sanders because he believes that her family in Beit Hanina and all Palestinians deserve to live in peace and with dignity. Bernie made her feel seen. That’s what #NotMeUs is all about.

“This #PalestinianSitty is with Bernie. Michigan, I hope you follow the wisdom of this elder.

“Adam Abusalah, her proud grandson and who made my day today.”

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