An interesting archaeological discovery in Jerusalem occurred thanks to curious youth who found the site and took good care of it.

While jogging with her dog in a park in a Jerusalem neighborhood, a woman came across an ancient ruin she had not previously noticed.

The Jerusalem resident immediately reported the strange discovery to the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), who confirmed that they had no archaeological excavations going on at that site or any knowledge of ruins in the area.

However, after arriving on the scene, IAA archeologists were surprised to discover a 1,400-year-old wine press excavated out of rock. The findings at the site indicate that diverse agricultural undertakings were once prevalent in that area.

“Our team was shocked,” an IAA spokesperson told the Tazpit News Agency. “They saw an ancient wine press, carefully cleaned, where none had existed before, where not a single archaeologist had previously dug.”

The mystery continued to intrigue IAA officials until it became apparent that the wine press was exposed by local children who had been digging.

The neighborhood kids, avid archaeology fans, were commended by the IAA for taking such good care of the site. “We were touched by the story and it reminded us of our own childhood,” one of the IAA archeologists said.

By: Michael Zeff, Tazpit News Agency

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