A Jewish couple living in Casablanca, Morocco, was murdered by their private driver who also served as their gardener, and their body parts were dismembered and scattered in different sites around the city, in what authorities say is a criminally motivated act.

Police named the victims as Sam Toledano and Vicky Shitrit. They were reported missing at the beginning of the month.

The news broke on Friday following the arrest of the suspected murderer, 51.

Authorities say the suspect admitted to committing the murder and robbing the couple due to financial hardship. He stole jewelry and gold.

Authorities ruled out the option of an anti-Semitic attack or that it was motivated by Islamic terror.

The suspect’s wife was arrested with some of the stolen goods in her possession.

Local media reports said that the bodies of the older couple were found dismembered in different parts of the city.

The couple was well-known and respected in the local Jewish community, and their murder has sent shock waves through it.

Casablanca is home to some 2,000 Jews out of the 3,000 that live in Morocco.

By: United with Israel Staff