From left: Terror victims Lucy Dee and daughters Rina and Maya Dee. (Courtesy) (Courtesy)
Lucy Dee and daughters Rina and Maya


Lucy Dee had been fighting for her life in the hospital since the attack that killed her daughters Maya and Rina.


The mother of two sisters slain in a Palestinian terrorist attack died on Monday from wounds she sustained in the shooting in the Jordan Valley.

Lucy Dee, 48, passed away in the hospital where she had been since the attack last Friday.

According to a military investigation, terrorists opened fire on the Dees’ passing vehicle, causing it to crash into the road’s shoulder. The terrorists then approached the car and riddled it with nearly two dozen bullets.

“Unfortunately, despite fervent efforts, due to her critical injury the team had to declare her death,” Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem’s Ein Kerem said in a statement Monday.

On Sunday, thousands of mourners attended the funeral in Efrat of Maya Dee, 20, and Rina Dee, 15, who were murdered in the attack.

“How will I explain to Lucy what happened to her two precious gifts when she wakes up from her coma?” asked Leo Dee while eulogizing his daughters. “The formula for faith is always to focus on what you do have and not what you do not have. I still have three wonderful children and a wonderful wife,” he said.

Palestinian Authority security forces reportedly located on Sunday the car used by the terrorists to kill the Dees, abandoned in Nablus.

On Monday, Israeli security forces were continuing to search for the killers.

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