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The competition promotes cutting-edge hardware and software solutions to technological gaps.


The US Department of Defense, Irregular Warfare Technical Support Directorate, and the Israel Ministry of Defense, Directorate of Defense Research and Engineering will hold the MoSAIC Challenge in the southern city of Yeruham in the Negev to see what the future battlefield will look like.

The MoSAIC (Mobile Standoff Autonomous Indoor Capabilities) Challenge is a robot and drone competition in built areas, simulating challenges on the future battlefield.

The competition promotes cutting-edge hardware and software solutions to technological gaps concerning remote autonomous indoor maneuvers.

Some 20 start-ups in the field of developing robots and drones are expected to participate in the competition, which will last three days in the city of Yeruham on April 4-6, within a built-up area specially prepared for the competition.

The skimmers and robots will be required to go through an obstacle course and be face a number of challenges.

The MoSAIC Challenge will be executed as five “Mini Challenges,” with each focusing on a specific enabling capability for remote autonomous indoor maneuver.

The Indoor Navigation will test software and algorithms that enable accurate navigation inside.

The Room Mapping challenge will test algorithm-based solutions to autonomously explore previously unknown indoor spaces and construct maps or floor plans (2D\3D) in real-time.

The Human/Object Tag is the challenge that examines technology that can automatically and accurately detect and classify between humans, animals and other objects of interest in different conditions.

The Tactical Robotic Systems will test ground and aerial platforms that are capable of maneuvering effectively in complex indoor environments with multiple levels, constrictive spaces, and obstacles/

The Human Presence Detection will assess portable sense-through-wall solutions to detect, confirm, classify persons in an enclosed area of interest at a standoff distance.

The MoSAIC Challenge judging team consists of an international multidisciplinary group of relevant government subject matter experts, program managers, and operators.

First and second place in each mini-challenge will receive a prize of $5,000-$75,000.

The top three finalists of each mini-challenge will be automatically accepted into the prestigious Merage Institute Innovation Bridge Program in California, valued at $25,000 per company.

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