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This online investment platform offers early-stage opportunities in Israeli property, construction, education, medicine and financial technology startups.

By ISRAEL21c Staff

InvestiNation, a new equity crowdfunding platform, is offering accredited investors in the United States early-stage access to Israeli startups in a variety of verticals, including fintech, ed-tech and the growing fields of construction and property technology.

Accredited investors (individuals, banks, brokers, or trusts) can choose to invest in individual startup companies, venture funds, or a managed index fund through InvestiNation.

The platform is initially offering access to these six Israeli startups:
• Augmind: creates 3D content for mobile, augmented reality, and virtual reality applications
• Enerjoy: a machine learning and gamification solution that motivates employees to meet company sales targets and goals
• MyTower: an online property management platform for building managers and occupants
• SolidBlock: utilizes asset tokenization to transform real estate into a tradable financial product
• Trusstor: enables quality data gathering and utilization for critical “construction intelligence”
• StructShare: is an online platform that automates purchasing and material handling workflows for contractors, while connecting suppliers and streamlining communication

InvestiNation is a member of the Besadno group, which has offices in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Wall Street (New York).

InvestiNation CEO Oded Eliashiv is also managing partner of affiliate companies B-Seed and BuiltUp Ventures, a Tel Aviv- and New York-based venture capital firm.

Founder and Chairman Eli Gross is a founder of Besadno and managing partner of B-Seed and BuiltUp Ventures. Managing Partner Amos Meron is a serial entrepreneur who has invested in more than 20 startups throughout his career.

“The InvestiNation team utilizes its on-the-ground experience, extensive due diligence process, and cutting-edge methodologies to identify the most promising companies among hundreds of emerging Israeli startups, and helps guide them along an accelerated path of growth and success,” Eliashiv said.

“With Covid-19 changing how people invest, perhaps permanently, our platform enables global capital investors to easily access the best of what the Startup Nation has to offer.”

Gross added: “In addition to investing financially in our partner companies, the InvestiNation team takes an active role in developing and implementing strong go-to-market resources and strategies. Serving as mentors, we leverage our extensive investment expertise, company-building skills, and in-depth market knowledge to facilitate a startup’s success.”