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Distorting history to promote a warped narrative, the official PA daily charged the US with genocide in a tirade loosely focusing on the US’ embassy move to Jerusalem. 

By: United with Israel Staff

The Palestinian Authority (PA) official daily newspaper lambasted the US following the historic move of its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, charging that throughout history US policy was based on aggression and mass extermination.

The PA’s daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida stepped up its rhetoric against the US in an editorial last Tuesday, a day after the embassy move, harshly attacking America for relying on a policy of force, violence and bloodshed, even charging the US with genocide of small and weak nations.

This centuries-long violent policy reached a climax with America’s alleged mistreatment of the Palestinians, the paper ridiculously charges.

Titled “The Ugly American, Once Again,” the editorial stated that “none of the American administrations were noted for nobility [of spirit] or for human traits such as compassion, tolerance and understanding [of the other]. [America] has always employed brutal policies towards small and poor nations,” according to a translation by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

The paper alleges that this policy was employed by the US when dealing with Native Americans, whom the US attempted to exterminate by giving them “blankets infected with the plague virus, which was deadly at the time, thereby killing millions of their members.”

This vicious policy was also used against the Japanese during WWII, against whom the US used two atomic bombs.

The US’ belligerent policy was also allegedly evident during the Korean War and the Vietnam War. The editorial, however, stops short of charging the US with using disproportionate force against Nazi Germany.

America’s use of “bloodshed, systematic violence,” and its “culture of brutality and attacks on small nations” are manifest “in all their hideousness,” and in the US’ supposed brutality towards the Palestinians, which culminated with the embassy move.

‘Disease of Racist and Aggressive Policies’

Equating the US’ embassy move with all of the US’ military history, the editorial alleges that America’s “excessive aggression towards our people is manifest in the US administrations’ consistent capitulation to every Zionist demand.”

The paper calls on the international community to unite against the US.

This American policy is “bereft of any moral standards, and threatens to impose the law of the jungle on the entire international community,” the article alleges.

“The American administration is currently going very far in establishing the policy of arrogance and racism and cultivating the occupation and its blood-soaked policy. This poses a threat to the future security and stability to which all of humankind aspires. The international community must oppose this, before the disease of racist and aggressive policies spreads and before its flames spread and destroy everything,” the PA daily states.

“As for us Palestinians, who are at the forefront of the conflict,” the editorial calls for a continued struggle until the achievement of “independence.”

“The entire world, and especially the American administration, should know that the only peace that can [possibly] be realized in Palestine is a true, just and honorable peace, nothing else. No deal will be made in this century except that kind of deal. [We] leave the depraved plague deal to the Ugly American,” the editorial concludes.

The article fails to note the US’ continued support of a diplomatic process between Israel and the Palestinians, its search for a final status and lasting peace in the region, not to mention the billions of dollars in aid various US administrations have allocated to the Palestinians.

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