The unfortunate death of an IDF soldier has given life to five other Israelis.  

Sharon Chen, an IDF soldier in the elite Egoz Reconnaissance Unit, was found unconscious in bed at his base last Wednesday. He was evacuated to a hospital in the Galilee and passed away the following Monday.

Chen, 19, a top student and star athlete, joined the IDF about a year ago.

His family decided Monday night to donate his organs. His lungs, liver and kidneys were transplanted in five patients, thus saving their lives.

“The issue of organ transplants was raised in conversations at home and I know that Sharon would have wanted to contribute and save lives,” his mother Iris explained to Israel Hayom. “In his death, he gave life to others. We are at peace with our decision. We went through a difficult time, but we are surrounded by the warmth and love of the staff who did everything for Sharon and for us.”

“We received an extraordinary gesture on the part of the hospital management and staff,” Yosef, his father, shared, Israel Hayom continues. “Despite being in an intensive care unit, they allowed members of his unit, community and family to arrive and to say goodbye. I know that he remained with us for four days in order to give us the opportunity to process and depart from him. He was an astounding athlete but insisted on being drafted to one of the most elite units.”

The IDF’s brave soldiers are the ones who directly defend Israel’s citizens against any terror threat, in the north or south, by land, sea or air. To read more about these magnificent defenders of the State of Israel, Download our free eBook: Israel Defense Forces 24/7.

Author: United with Israel Staff



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