PA-appointed Mufti of Jerusalem, Muhammad Hussein. (Screen grab/YouTube) (Screen grab/YouTube)

According to comments by Palestinian officials in official PA media, they’re looking forward to what they believe is the inevitable defeat of the Jews.

By Pesach Benson, United With Israel

Palestinian Authority-run media has seen a spike in rhetoric anticipating Israel’s destruction, raising questions about just how serioous Mahmoud Abbas and his ruling Fatah party are when it comes to negotiating peace, Palestinian Media Watch reported.

The official PA hatefest kicked off on official PA TV with PA Mufti Muhammad Hussein on September 29 saying:

“The injustice will certainly pass and the occupation (i.e., Israel) will pass…If we turn to the history of Palestine it has been occupied by many peoples, and many invaders have entered it, but in the end the occupation left and the invaders left … Jerusalem will certainly be liberated and return to the embrace of Islam, noble and strong with its holy sites and its people, and the evil will pass, Almighty Allah willing.”

The remarks were made again on October 1.

By the Mufti’s standards, it was a rather tame comment. In 2015 interviews shortly after becoming the PA’s top religious leader, Hussein called Palestinian suicide bombings “legitimate” and insisted that no Jewish Temple ever stood on the Temple Mount. In 2020, he insisted that “thieving Jews must be defeated.

PMW then reported that “official PA TV broadcast a filler between programs stating that all Jewish immigration to the Holy Land was illegal and carried out according to a “colonialist Zionist plan.”

On Oct. 13, an official PA TV narrator told viewers about the “illegal immigration of the Jews to Palestine.”

“The beginning of the illegal immigration to Palestine was in 1837… This proves the extent of the historical plot against Palestine many decades before the Nakba in 1948… The Jewish immigration to the land of Palestine continued as part of a colonialist Zionist plan led by the world powers at the time… They immigrated to Palestine over many decades while dreaming of establishing a Jewish entity on Palestinian Islamic-Christian Arab land… But history has never let the colonialist remain, and the occupiers have always left in the end. One day they [the Jews] too will return to where they came from.”

Nakba is the Arabic word for catastrophe, which the Palestinians use to refer to the creation of the modern Jewish state in 1948.

Also on Oct. 13, the theme that the Zionist project is inevitably doomed to failure appeared in the PA-run paper Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, PMW noted.

“Dozens of invaders have passed through Jerusalem and Palestine throughout history, and they all left while Palestine and Jerusalem remained. The fate of the present invaders will be no better. When they leave, we will preserve for them one line written in blood in our land’s history,” the paper wrote.

Al Hayat Al-Jadida reinforced the theme on Oct. 20 with yet another commentary.

“The Palestinian homeland… was and will remain Palestinian despite the invasions and wars that came one after the other on its land. Bloodthirsty, brutal, and barbaric enormous armies came to it from all around the world and occupied it, but they left while the Palestinian space remained a homeland and home for the Palestinians…” wrote Hassan Hmeid, a Palestinian writer based in Damascus.

Hmeid concluded, “This was the situation of the British, who also left. This image stands today before the eyes of the Israeli tyranny, and this is the thing that most frightens the Israelis, because history is a mirror in which the Israelis see themselves as thieves. They will surely leave defeated!”

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