Palestinian youth and men throw stones and rocks at passing Israeli vehicles. (AP/Majdi Mohammed) (AP/Majdi Mohammed)

The Palestinian Education Ministry has granted any student who was arrested for throwing stones and/or Molotov cocktails at Israeli vehicles a passing grade.

Awarding passing grades to students who commit violent attacks against Israeli motorists is one of many methods of incitement to terror practiced by the Palestinian Authority (PA), the Jewish Press reported.

According to the news site, an Israeli security source told Channel 20:

“One time we stopped a terrorist who threw a Molotov cocktail and took him for interrogation, where we found out that he had decided to carry out the attack because that morning he had a matriculation exam, and it turns out that for them it is customary that someone who is arrested for carrying out an attack on the day of an exam to receive a passing grade automatically.”

“They are frightened of their fathers,” said another security source, “So if they know in advance that they are likely to fail the exam, they choose terrorism in order to get a passing grade.”

The more popular forms of PA incitement include, for example, cultural events glorifying terrorists; naming schools and city streets after terrorists; and TV shows for preschoolers, school-aged children and teens promoting anti-Semitism and lies about the “Zionist entity.”

Desperation to pass the school year is a less common reason for violence; nonetheless, several young terrorists admitted they carried out such attacks for that very reason, the Israeli security source said.

Stone-throwing has proven to be deadly in several cases. Adele Biton, for example, was critically wounded at the age of two in a 2013 rock-throwing terror attack. She spent almost two years in intensive care due to traumatic brain damage before succumbing to her wounds.

By: United with Israel Staff

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