Dr. Walid Shomaly a professor at Bethlehem University and the executive director of the Palestinian Center for Research and Cultural Dialogue recently published a paper arguing for the authenticity of the well discredited and notorious anti-semitic propoganda document known as the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. As Richard Helms, director of the CIA in 1961 stated in reference to the ‘Protocols’, “The Russians have a long tradition in the art of forgery. More than 60 years ago the Czarist intelligence service concocted and peddled a confection called The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” Indeed, the Russians utilized this anti-semitic forgery in order to strengthen the position of the Czar and thus discredit the reforms of the liberals, who sympathized with the Jews. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion was thus utilized as part of a propaganda campaign that accompanied the pogroms of 1905 in Russia. Yet, despite the fact that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion have been known to be a forgery since at least 1921, the Palestinian Maan News Agency has still nevertheless promoted them in their publication.

In an article titled “The Protocols of Elders of Zion: Where do we stand as far as they are concerned” by Dr. Walid Shomaly, Maan News Agency pretended as if there was disagreement regarding the authenticity of these documents. According to Shomaly, “While many Jewish leaders claim that they (the Protocols) are a forgery and one of the greatest political fabrications of the modern era, others confirm that they are true and that they are the most dangerous plot of global domination that history has ever known.”

Shomaly then describes the Protocols in quite some depth and asserts that we can see many of these protocols implementation to date. For example, the fourth protocol states that the Jews seek to destroy religion, especially Christianity, and Shomaly asserted that “This is indeed what we see in western countries where to a great degree materialism prevails over their societies,” as if Jewish propaganda, not the Enlightenment and Communism, were what led to the rise of secularism in Europe.

christian-zionismIn another instance, the seventeenth protocol purports that Jews seek to crush religious authority and Shomaly asserted regarding this, “In this context we see how approximately eighty million Zionist Christians in the United States itself give Israel their absolute support, claiming [to belong to] Christianity while they in fact have no connection with it, for these people are Zionists in the guise of Christians. Thus they can achieve two goals: The first, to smash Christian values and perceptions from within; and the second, to support Zionism by legitimizing its occupation and settling of Palestine.” In other words, Shomaly delegitimizes Christian Zionists as unauthentic Christians just because they don’t share his political views and furthermore, reconstructs their support which was gained after intelligent thinking to be part of a Zionist conspiracy.

Upon repeating every thing the Protocols asserted, Shomaly then proceeded to dehumanize the Jewish people, declaring, “Now, after this quick review of a few of these protocols, one wonders if the Jews belong to some other kind of human species, different from other nations. From where does all this evil and destructive energy derive? Do all the other nations deserve all this evil and hostility, just so that Jews may control them? Do all nations other than Jews really have clouded minds?”

Shomaly made all of these statements, despite the fact that he is a chemistry professor at Bethlehem University and the executive director of the Palestinian Center for Research and Cultural Dialogue, and thus as an educated person should have been well aware that the London Times, not just Jewish leaders, exposed the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion as a forgery in 1921, well before the State of Israel existed. Furthermore, even Henry Ford, who was no friend of the Jewish people, issued an apology for claiming that they were an authentic document. Yet even worse than an educated Palestinian writing such things, the Ma’an News Agency actually published what he wrote, thus utilizing a forgery to incite hatred against the Jewish people. Unfortunately, this was only one of many examples of the Palestinian media promoting this anti-semitic forgery.

To view a video of a Palestinian Imam promoting the Protocols, see below.

By Rachel Avraham