During the Shavuot holiday, Palestinian terrorists attacked Israel with mortars, rockets, and rock-throwing.

Palestinian terrorists attacked Israel with rockets, mortars, and rock-throwing during the Shavuot holiday, which celebrates G-d giving the Torah to the Jewish people. A Palestinian terrorist group known as the Abdul Qader al-Husseini brigades claimed responsibility for firing two mortars from Syria into the Mount Hermon area, while Palestinian groups in Gaza also decided to fire rockets toward the Eshkol Regional Council. This year, Shavuot corresponded with Nakba Day, the day where the Palestinians mourn the fact that Israel still exists as a state and hasn’t been destroyed yet.

The shells that landed in the Golan Heights failed to cause damage or to injure any one, yet they represent the first time that the area has been under rocket attack since the start of the Syrian civil war two years ago. However, there is a possibility that this attack will not be the last. The Arab media has reported that the Syrian government is considering the possibility of permitting Palestinian armed groups of launching attacks against Israel utilizing Syrian territory.

Nevertheless, the authenticity of the video where the Abdul Qader al-Husseini brigades took responsibility for the mortar launching has yet to be verified. Since the start of the Syrian civil war, rockets and mortars fired between Syrian rebels and forces loyal to the regime have accidently landed within Israeli territory. Yet Syria, Iran and Hezbollah have all threatened to open up a northern front against Israel, in response to Israel preventing Syria from transferring weapons to Hezbollah. Israel has regardless lodged a complaint with the United Nations and temporarily closed Mount Hermon for visitors.

As for the Eshkol Regional Council, where rockets also landed, Eshkol Regional Council head Chaim Yalin said the rocket fire did not stop the residents from enjoying the holiday. “Not the weather or the rockets will ruin our holiday. The farmers worked all year long to celebrate their holiday.” However, a code siren was sounded during Shavuot afternoon in the area, around the exact same time that many families were consuming their traditional dairy lunch or having a BBQ. There were also no injuries or damage reported in the Eshkol Regional Council.

However, rockets and mortars were not the only violence that Palestinian terror groups perpetrated against Israel during the Shavuot holiday. In the greater Jerusalem area, as well as Judea and Samaria, Palestinians held demonstrations during Shavuot where they threw stones and burned garbage bins. In Jerusalem, two policemen were wounded from stones thrown in their direction, while two Israeli civilians were beaten up by Palestinians. And in Hebron, a firebomb was thrown at an IDF jeep, which resulted in wounding four IDF soldiers.


By Rachel Avraham, staff writer for United with Israel

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