The teenage terrorist who murdered a 31-year-old father of two last week is being honored as a “Martyr” and his family will now get funding from the PA.

By: United with Israel Staff

Palestinian terrorist Muhammad Tareq Dar Yusuf, who murdered Yotam Ovadia, a 31-year-old Israeli father of two, in a stabbing attack in the community of Adam last week, is being celebrated by the Palestinians as a “Martyr.”

Yusuf, 17, injured another the two Israelis before being shot dead by a passer-by.

The day after the attack, both the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Fatah, its ruling party, declared Yusuf a Shahid, a Muslim warrior who died while fighting the infidel.

“A young man from Kubar died as a Martyr after stabbing three settlers north of occupied Jerusalem,” the official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida reported after the attack.

Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), a watchdog that monitors Palestinian incitement to terrorism, noted that by declaring the murderer a “Martyr,” the PA is saying that he did an exemplary act, according to Islam, for which he will be rewarded in the afterlife by Allah.

In addition, the PA will reward the terrorists’ family financially, as it does for all families of so-called “Martyrs,” with a one-time grant of NIS 6,000  ($1,643) and a permanent monthly allowance of NIS 1,400 ($383), which could amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars over time.

Fatah’s Bethlehem branch posted a post on Facebook praising the terrorist, including his picture with the text saying that “Shahid Muhammad Tareq Dar Yusuf, the one who carried out the stabbing operation that led to the wounding of three settlers (sic., 1 died). He is from the village of Kubar in the Ramallah district.”

The Palestinians routinely laud murderous terrorists as national heroes, and this incident was the latest show of Palestinian incitement to terror in accordance with the PA’s policy of presenting terrorists as role models.

The PA regularly glorifies terrorists and promotes violence by naming streets, playgrounds and cultural events after infamous terrorists. The Palestinian leadership has also misused “educational events,” including summer camps and school plays, to teach the younger generation to hate Jews and seek Israel’s destruction.