Palestinian hatred for Jews was readily apparent again in the wake of a recent terror attack as they proudly passed around photos of the victims.

Palestinians have been celebrating the murder of Israeli terror victims by distributing pictures of their dead bodies and the terror scenes on Twitter and Facebook, the official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida reported.

According to Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) that exposed this disgusting phenomenon, the most sought after photo is that of the dead bodies of the young Israeli couple Naama and Rabbi Eitam Henkin last Thursday. Their four children, aged 9, 7, 4, and 4 months, were also in the car at the time of the murder and witnessed the murders.

According to the PA daily, the killing of the couple brings “joy” to Palestinians who see the killing as “heroic”.

“Palestinian users of the social networks Facebook and Twitter posted pictures from the scene of the settlement Itamar operation [the terror attack] south of Nablus, the most significant being the picture of the killed woman settler and her husband, alongside expressions of joy over the operation which they described as “heroic.” [Palestinian] citizens expressed their joy over this event,” Al-Hayat Al-Jadida reported.

By: United with Israel Staff

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