Riyad Manour (C), Palestinian envoy to the UN (UNTV via AP/File) (UNTV via AP/File)
Palestinian ambassador to the UN Riyad Mansour

The Palestinians claim that that the E.U., Russia and the U.N. must thwart any a U.S. plan that doesn’t create a Palestinian state, the prospects for which are fading by the day.

By United with Israel Staff and AP

On Tuesday, Palestinian U.N. ambassador Riyad Mansour told a group of journalists that the E.U., Russia and the U.N. must take action to prevent a U.S. plan that doesn’t create an independent Palestinian state.

Meanwhile, U.S. President Donald Trump’s senior adviser Jared Kushner, a key player in drafting the “deal of the century” plan, has been tight-lipped about its contents, saying last week that the blueprint, which has been two years in the making, attempts to ensure security for Israel and provide economic opportunity for Palestinians.

The plan won’t be released before the Muslim holy month of Ramadan ends during the first week of June, and perhaps not even then.

The Palestinians have preemptively rejected any peace proposal floated by the Trump administration, maintaining a blanket boycott on the White House and its officials.

Mansour claims the E.U. could call an international conference to push the two-state solution, which is losing support in Israel after seven decades of rejectionism by every Palestinian leader.

As for Russia and China, Mansour said, Russia already has authorization, including in a Security Council resolution, to host an international conference in Moscow. He added that the Palestinians are talking with Russia about why it doesn’t call for an international conference.

Mansour also claimed that “the Palestinian people will accelerate their reproduction machines and increase the number of Palestinians,” which appeared to be a reference to engineering a demographic crisis that would create security issues for the Israeli government.

“[Israel] will be responsible for the ramification of such an action,” he said cryptically.


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