Israeli police fight back against Arab rioters. (Photo: Sliman Khader/Flash90)

Jerusalem police continue to fight the wave of Arab violence that is terrorizing the city. It promises to be a long campaign.   

Arabs attack an IDF vehicle. (Photo: STR/Flash90)

Arabs attack an IDF vehicle. (Photo: STR/Flash90)

Jerusalem police are stepping up their efforts to quell the wave of violent attacks perpetrated by Arabs in the capital. The incidents have intensified since the murder of three-month-old Chaya Zissel Braun last week.

Police are adding 1,000 officers to their ranks in Jerusalem, including special units and advanced tactical capabilities as part of “Operation Guardians of the Walls” in order to combat the incessant violence. The operation is expected to last at least a month.

Increased Violence over the Weekend

Arabs continued to riot throughout the weekend at various locations in the city.

Tens of masked Arabs burned tires, blocked roads and threw rocks in the A-Tur neighborhood. One man was lightly injured. Police pushed back the assailants using crowd-dispersal methods.

Jerusalem’s light rail system continues to be the target of Arab attackers as they hurl rocks, causing extensive damage. The police are continuing their operations in the vicinity of the train tracks.

A bus was heavily damaged by rocks. No one was wounded, but the bus was taken out of commission.

Arabs fired firecrackers at Israeli homes in the Old City.

(Arabs launch firecrackers at Israeli homes in the Old City of Jerusalem. Credit: Tazpit News Agency)

A police spokesman announced Sunday that the reinforcement of Jerusalem’s force will continue as long as required. The special deployment’s objective is to restore security and peace to all of the city’s residents, the statement read.

PM Calls for Citizen Support

At the weekly Cabinet meeting Sunday morning, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated:

“Recently, and today as well, we are reinforcing Jerusalem with approximately 1,000 Israel Police and Border Police personnel, including from special units. We will not allow the reality of Jerusalem to become one of throwing stones and firebombs, and disturbances. This is not coincidental. Islamic extremist elements are trying to set alight the capital of Israel and we will use all necessary force, with determination and responsibility, so that they are unsuccessful. I expect broad support here from all citizens of Israel in order to guard over the capital of Israel.”

A Hero’s Funeral?

The Jerusalem District Court ruled Sunday, following a police request, that the terrorist who committed the attack last week will have only 20 participants at his funeral procession and that it will take place 11 at night. The authorities fear that his funeral, if heavily attended, will spark more violence.

The family announced in response that they will refuse to receive the body. A family member told YNET that “he deserves a large and respectable funeral. We will not accept the body under these conditions. It is better to leave the body with them [the state] until they respect the family’s request to hold a procession with unlimited participants.”

Author: Aryeh Savir
Staff Writer, United with Israel